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July 2013 Eco Fair, Miners' Gala, Menwith Hill (Campaign for the Accountability of American Bases)

June 2013 Pilgrimage for Peace comes through Durham

June 2013 PAD at the Neville's Cross Eco Festival

October 2012 Bruce Kent comes to speak

July 2012 PAD at the Miners' Gala

July 2010 PAD at the Miners' Gala
July 2010 PAD at Menwith Hill
June 2010 PAD at the Neville's Cross Eco Festival
November 2009 White Poppies
July 2009 PAD Stall at the Durham Miners Gala
June 2009 Demonstration against US Missile Defence, Fylingdales
> January 2009 Demonstration against the situation in Gaza
September 2008 Keep Space for Peace rally at Fylingdales, and Demonstration at Menwith Hill (Campaign for the Accountability of American Bases)

Feb. 2008

The Cost of War was a 'Question Time' style debate, organised by PAD and held at County Hall in Durham

The distinguished panellists were an unlikely combination: a politician, a moral philosopher, a pacifist peace campaigner, and a Brigadier, Defence commentator for the Daily Telegraph! The debate was chaired by Prof. Christophe Rowe, who kept us all in order, and enabled dificult and contentious issues to be discussed. It's a pity there wasn't time for more contributions from the lively audience but, that apart, it was a first-rate meeting. It was particularly heartening that quite a number of young people were present, who took a keen interest and asked several good questions.
Many issues were raised including: the concept of a Just War, the causes of war, the effects of war on soldiers and civilians, and on the environment, pacifism, interventionism, deterrence, nuclear proliferation, non-violent alternatives to war. It was a truly stimulating meeting with excellent and sometimes inspirational contributions.

Question Time panelistsQuestion Time at County Hall

September 2007

Quaker demonstrators, including PAD members, at Faslane. They were protesting about the UK's Trident renewal programme

Quakers at Faslane

July 2007

PAD at Menwith Hill on 4 July Independence from America Day. Flying the Flag of Peace around perimeter fence plus Lindis Percy with Alan Bennett.

Menwith Hill Flag of PeaceLindis Percy and Alan Bennett

April 2007

The Mordechai Vanunu Freedom Ride came to Durham en route from Faslane to London. Roberta Woods MP welcomed them in the Market Place. The Dean of Durham, Canon Kennedy, invited the riders (and their bicycles) into his cathedral! Later, we shared supper and watched a film about Vanunu's plight which is far from over....

Vanunu riders in Market PlaceVanunu riders at Durham Cathedral

February 2007

Part of the eye-catching PAD demonstartion in Durham Market Place against Trident weapons

Mike and placard

February 2007

Peace Action Durham members at the national demonstration in London against the renewal of the Trident weapons system.

PAD members in LondonHeather in London

November 2006

Peace Action Durham and Tyneside CND members taking part in the continous protest at Faslane against Trident and its grotesque planned renewal

PAD members at FaslaneTyneside CND at Faslane

September 2006

Part of the Peace Action Durham contingent at the peace demonstration at Labour Party Conference in Manchester

PAD membersMarch sets off

October 2005

Rhythms of Resistance at the KEEP SPACE FOR PEACE demonstration at Menwith Hill

Rhythms of resistance

August 2005

60th anniversary of Hiroshima. Campaigning and signing petition in Durham Market Place

Hiroshima Day stallHiroshima Day petition

July 2005

Child beating drum for peace and Lindis Percy with Scott Ritter at the Independence from America Day, Menwith Hill, organised by Campaign for Accountability of American Bases

Beating drum for peaceLindis Percy and Scott Ritter

May 2005

Supporting Lindis Percy during her trial at Harrogate Magistrates' Court

Harrogate Court

May 2005

Heather Speight and the Peace Action Durham banner at the Mayors for Peace Day, United Nations, New York

Heather Speight New York

March 2005

Mayors for Peace Reception, Durham Town Hall attended by many Mayors and Council Chairpersons from North East England with Bruce Kent. Also our catering volunteers.

Mayors petitionCatering at Mayors for Peace

March 2004

Peace Action Durham Peace Vigil in the rain

Peace Vigil

November 2003

Part of the huge demonstration against the visit of George Bush to Sedgefield, County Durham

Bush visit to Sedgefield

March 2003

Campaigning in Durham Market Place against the illegal invasion of Iraq being planned by Tony Blair and George Bush

Don't invade IraqOperation Desert Rescue

In 1983 60 Durham citizens, mostly members of Peace Action Durham, painted a giant peace mural, designed and directed by Barrie Ormsby, assisted by Romey Chaffer.

It was painted directly onto 12 boards, each 5ft x 9ft. First exhibited at the Durham Miners' Gala, it was then mounted on a long wall near Durham Market Place from 1987 until 2000 when the site was redeveloped.

It was a great source of interest to citizens and tourists and, remarkably, was never damaged or defaced.

It was then stored at Bearpark Artists Studio and pieces were auctioned for the Ruth First and Durham Palestinian Educational Trusts and raised nearly £500.

Photograph of the complete mural

Peace Mural

The Peace Mural was erected as a backdrop to the speakers' platform at the Durham Miners' Gala in July 1983

Mural at Miners' Gala

The Peace Mural in position near Durham Market Place 1987-2000

Mural near Market Place